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A home is only as beautiful as its paint job, and yours is getting a little rough. However, you’re not sure if you need to call a painting company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just yet. As a result, you need to understand when you need to paint your home’s exterior to keep it secure and looking beautiful. The following steps will give you an idea of when your paint needs to be replaced and the best time of the year to do these repairs. Following these steps can ensure that you don’t run into any issues.

Does Your Home NEED a New Paint Job?

Before calling a painting company to come to your home, you need to assess just how much your home needs a new coat of paint on the exterior. Often, there is a good chance that you may only need a new paint job once every few years or so. However, some people may need to paint more often on their home – some do a full paint replacement yearly! Deciding on this timing can be a challenge and requires you to fully understand signs of paint damage that need replacement as soon as possible for your home.

For example, if your home’s paint is flaking off of the exterior, you probably need a new paint job. This problem typically develops when your house is older, and you allow the paint to get damaged over the years. Usually, you’re going to see this problem after a few years, not one. If you see paint falling off your home after just a year, there’s a good chance that the paint you chose was either cheap or was applied very poorly by the painting experts. Whatever the case, it is very frustrating to manage.

However, you may also notice that your paint is fading in color and no longer has a sharp look that it once possessed. In this situation, you typically need to call painting experts to ensure that you keep your home looking strong. Once the paint starts fading, it will only get worse and leave your home in a very rough state. Though you may not need to replace the paint the moment it starts to fade, if more and more color starts disappearing all the time, there’s a good chance you need to get a new paint job.

Critically, you also need to contact a painting company if your home has suffered from any mold, fungus, or mildew on its exterior. Often, this problem develops when you don’t take the time to clean your house every year. People who keep the exterior of their house clean very rarely have to paint their home because mold and fungus can wear away the surface of their paint. As a result, it may be time for you to call a professional if your house is getting damaged by these frustrating growths every year.

When Should You Paint Your Home?

People who want to get their home’s exterior painted may just choose any random time to get it done. However, this mistake is one that can be quite costly. Painting needs to be done during pretty specific times of the year and with pretty particular weather types. Failure to take these elements into account can cost you a lot of money because your paint may end up running or getting damaged in a way that forces you to get the paint either touched up or wholly replaced instead.

Typically, it would help if you painted during either the late spring months or during summer to get the best results. There are a few reasons that these seasons are right for painting. First of all, the temperature will be right – you need to paint when it is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer temperatures help the paint settle properly and ensure that it doesn’t run. Colder temperatures will cause the paint to dry poorly and too slowly and may make the whole painting job pointless for your home.

However, some may find that painting in the last summer is very uncomfortable – many a painting company refuses to paint if the weather is over 90 degrees – and may need to be put off until the temperature is a little lower. Thankfully, early fall is still usually warm enough for most types of painting experiences. All you need to do is make sure that the weather is also going to be dry enough for painting. You just can’t tolerate any type of rain when painting your home’s exterior.

Rain while you paint will cause streaks in your home’s exterior that are very ugly and damaging. Those streaks may lead to damaged paint that flakes off your home or fades in color. Unfortunately, these streaks or spots can occur even 12-15 hours or longer after you paint your house. As a result, it is crucial to give the paint time to dry. We usually suggest at least 24 hours to get the best results. So make sure to check the best weather source you to know to ensure that you’ll be rain-free for at least two days before you start.

What Tips are Important for Effective Painting?

If you’re ready to get started with home painting, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind before you start. These steps must be done before you begin any painting gig and are pretty easy to understand and implement. You should:

  • Plan the process with your painters well before it starts
  • Make sure that you schedule at least a full day or more for home painting
  • Use the highest quality house paint, even if it costs you extra
  • Pay your painting company for insurance to protect against mistakes
  • Provide refreshments, like water, during hot seasons

Don’t forget to do your research when finding a company that meets your needs. Sometimes, a highly-regarded company may not be right for you because their work style is not fit for your needs. Remember: this is your home, and it deserves the best.

Get the Help That You Need

If you think that a good Cedar Rapids, Iowa, painting company is right for your home’s needs, please contact us at Diamond Painting right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience helping people like you and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the help that you need. We will identify the full range of your home’s paint problems and will then create a comprehensive plan that gives your house the best chance of looking great for years to come after you are done.