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Power Washer Cedar Rapids

How a Power Washer Helps With Concrete Mold

Mold growths have a nasty way of impacting the quality of your concrete and causing other issues that may be hard to overcome without specialized help. Thankfully, you can rent the best power washer Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer and clean your driveway with it. These unique cleaning tools are among the most potent expert ways to break apart stains and to get your concrete as clean as you want as quickly as possible.

As a result, you need to fully understand the benefits of one of these tools and how it can help you eliminate mold buildup on your driveway. Thankfully, these cleaners are usually quite easy to use and don’t require a lot of excessive specialist understanding. However, you may still want to hire a professional if you’re concerned that you lack the skills necessary to clean your driveway and eliminate mold for good properly.

The Benefits of a Washer

A high-quality power washer provides many unique benefits that make it an excellent choice for this process. First of all, they typically contain a high level of soap and various types of detergents that make breaking up the mold even easier. Just as importantly, these detergents often contain polishing fluids and other types of cleaners that help to make your surface smooth and stain free.

Even better, a washer helps to minimize the amount of hard work necessary to clean your driveway and sterilize it properly. The hot water and soap produced by the cleaner should sterilize your concrete quite easily and make it as safe as possible. Just as importantly, you can use a washer to break apart other types of dirt and stains that may also lead to complications with your concrete, such as mildew and even gravel that may cling to your concrete surface.

Starting With This Washer

If you want to use a power washer to clean your concrete’s mold, there are a few steps that you need to take before you begin. These include collecting a myriad of supplies to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Typically, these supplies are quite inexpensive, and you might even have a large number of them in your home or your office or business building already.

For example, you’ll need one pair of rubber gloves for everyone who is cleaning, chlorine bleach that you can use with the cleaner, a bucket that you can fill up with water, a push broom with rigid and stiff bristles, a garden hose hooked up to a water source, and a power washer that you rent from a professional who either owns or sells these products to business owners and individuals like you.

Once you have collected all of these items, put on your rubber gloves and mix one-quarter-cup of liquid bleach with a gallon of hot water in your bucket. Mix up this bleach and water mixture very carefully to ensure that it is thoroughly combined. Try to keep the water as warm as possible during this cleaning procedure, as well, to ensure that you get the best results for the cleaning process.

Now, use your brush to scrub against the mold that may be lingering there. This step is essential for your power washer because it helps to prepare the area and make the cleaning more effective. Spraying bleach is not advised in many cases because it may cause a wide dispersion that triggers other complications, such as a dying lawn. Just as importantly, scrubbing helps to break away mold growths before you spray. At this point, you’re going to transition to using your washer instead of your hands.

Using the Washer Properly

After you’ve scrubbed your concrete with your bleach, you can add cleaning detergent to your cleaner. Make sure that you fill it to the top, stopping at the line indicated on the tank. Going higher could cause the soap to spill, which may cause other problems later. Make sure to choose a mold and mildew siding detergent to get the best results when washing your concrete.

Turn on the sprayer to start spreading the detergent across the surface of your driveway. Point the nozzle at the concrete before you turn on the spray to avoid any accidents. Carefully coat your driveway in this way until every part of the concrete has been covered. Move slowly to ensure that you get the best results. Now, wait a few minutes to let the soap absorb into the mold.

After you’ve waited a few minutes, you can turn on the power washer and point the nozzle directly at the concrete. Keep the machine at least 10-12 inches from the surface of the concrete to minimize the danger of any damage. As when you were applying the detergent, make sure that you move slowly to provide comprehensive coverage that fully manages this situation.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your driveway or sidewalk in this way, you can let the water dry or wash it away with your hose. Try to focus the hose water away from your lawn and towards a place where you can collect the water. There will be a lot of detergent and bleach in your bucket, and you want to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to your neighborhood by accident. Just as importantly, you should make sure to hand-dry the driveway if you want to avoid streaks or if you simply want to check for lingering mold.

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This simple process is an excellent choice if you want to eliminate mold and mildew on your driveway and want to use a washer to decrease the time that it takes. A growing number of people are attempting this simple cleaning method just because it is so easy to manage and provides a surprising amount of benefits that you simply can’t get if you try cleaning your driveway in any other way.

As you can see, the best power washer Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer provides many benefits that make it an excellent choice for managing your mold. So if you want to eliminate mold from your driveway or parking lot, you should reach out to us to visit your facility and clean your floors with one for you.