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Polished Concrete Floors Cedar Rapids

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

You just installed the best polished concrete floors Cedar Rapids, Iowa has ever seen in your home or business, and you want to make sure that they are strong enough to last a lifetime. Thankfully, these floors should be durable and reliable if you follow these simple maintenance steps. Each is designed to ensure that your floor is protected from various contaminants and kept away from dirt, mold, stains, and more.

Mop Every Day

Daily maintenance of your floors should vary based on a multitude of factors. For example, you definitely need to clean them every day, including sweeping, dusting, and mopping. The last step in this simple process is one that should be done towards the end of the day when you aren’t likely to walk on the floor again because you may otherwise interfere with the cleanliness of your floor in a variety of ways.

Mopping is particularly essential because it helps to break apart various stains that could affect your polished concrete floors. For example, dirt and soil can wear away the shine of your floor and make it less attractive. Just as importantly, though, you need to make sure that you properly mop the floor and use the right mop type to ensure that you don’t cause any damage yourself when cleaning up.

For example, you should always use a microfiber pad to wipe away dirt particles. Microfiber helps to avoid abrasions by dragging dirt and also provide a nice buff and a shine to the floor at the same time. This process is also best done slowly rather than rushing. Take your time, as you can eliminate many of the problems that may otherwise impact your floor and keep it durable for years to come.

Wet Mopping is Smart Too

Just as importantly, you need to make sure that you properly prepare and use a wet mop should you decide to integrate one into your maintenance plan. While not exactly necessary, a damp mop is still a good idea because it helps to absorb more dirt and eliminate stains. Make sure always to clean off your mop and use fresh water every time you clean to ensure that everything goes smoothly here.

Make sure, also, to use a high-quality neutral floor cleaner to achieve the best effect. Read the bottle – which should have a pH level printed on the label – to get an idea of the balance level. Any cleaners with too much acid or high alkaline base will start to wear away the surface of the floor and could cause more complications than are necessary or desired when trying to maintain your floor.

Critically, make sure that you also dry your polished concrete floors when you’re done to make the surface really shine. Drying methods can vary depending on your needs, including hand towels and even drying machines. Pay attention to whatever approach you think works the best for your requirements to get the best effect and the high-quality floor style that works for you.

Always Spot Clean Properly

Between your usual floor cleaning sessions, you need to make sure to spot clean any issues as they develop. This step is critical because it can make sure that you don’t trigger any stain buildup in your home. Just as importantly, it also helps to protect the floor sealant from abrasive chemicals that could cause it to wear away or expose it to even more problematic issues.

For example, you need to make sure that you spray a cleaner on any spills or stains as soon as possible after they appear. Doing so helps to give the cleaner time to break up the grime and minimize the impact that either has on your flooring. The cleaner should never dry on the surface, either, but should be wiped away or even washed away with water to prevent stains.

Spot cleaning can take on many different forms. For example, you may just dab up a spill very quickly with a paper or cloth towel to minimize its impact. However, this process may leave behind residue that could cause stains. As a result, you may want to wash the surface with water anyway to ensure that your polished concrete floors don’t experience any problematic stains that are hard to manage.

Repair Breaks in the Surface

Over time, your concrete is likely to experience cracks or breaks in the surface that may slowly become a more severe problem. For example, some cracks could start out quite small around the edges but then turn into large squares that threaten the integrity of your floor. There are other situations in which your floors might be compromised by breaks in its surface with multiple types of cracks.

For example, your concrete floor may experience dips or cracks in the surface that spread rapidly and without expectation into an alligator crack formation. These cracks can become a big deal because they may start compiling together unexpectedly, expanding, and going deeper into the surface in a way that threatens their very structural integrity and your ability to repair them later on down the line.

Just as importantly, you need to pay attention to any minor issues that you might think aren’t a significant problem. Unfortunately, even small breaks in the surface of your polished concrete floors may let in mold, moisture, and other concerns that could trigger complications with your floor. Try to patch them up as soon as they develop to ensure that nothing goes wrong here.

Work With Professionals

As you can see, maintenance of the best polished concrete floors Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer isn’t as hard as it might seem. So if you want to make sure that your floors are durable and protected and would rather have professionals do the hard work for you, please contact us at Diamond Painting to learn more. We can set up a free consultation visit that will ensure you get a great floor.