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Polished Concrete Cedar Rapids

Should You Get Polished Concrete for Your Facility?

You own concrete floors, and you want to make sure that they are as secure as possible for your facility’s needs. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to get the best polished concrete Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer. This process produces many benefits, including the following advantages. Fully understanding these benefits can help you make a smarter decision when adding a polish to your concrete or finding a high-quality sealant that serves your needs correctly and with a minimum level of fuss.

Minimizes Dust Problems

Dust is a concern that can be surprisingly damaging to your concrete floors if you aren’t careful. For example, particles of dust typically push up through the surface of your concrete without polish and can become a severe problem that may threaten your floor. This dusting will force epoxy off the surface of your floors and make their maintenance more expensive. Thankfully, polished concrete helps in this situation.

Simply put, this concrete will stop the transfer of dust particles and keep your floors as secure as possible. Just as importantly, it will minimize the hydrostatic pressure that also forces these materials to the surface of your concrete. In this way, your floor will be protected and strong for years to come and won’t suffer from excessive dust issues that could complicate its structure.

Just as importantly, a dust-free floor is more attractive and will be easier for you to maintain over the years. Without having to worry about excessive dust on your floor, you can focus on other elements of your building maintenance, such as upgrading the windows and doors, to ensure that your facility or business looks as attractive as possible for your potential customers and many others.

Resists Various Types of Stains

Concrete floors provide many benefits for business owners but do have drawbacks. One of the biggest of these concerns is the natural staining characteristic of many types of concrete. Simply put, concrete has an unfortunate tendency not only to collect dirt, dust, and mold but to become very stained quite quickly. For example, spilling oil or other items on its surface could lead to a widespread stain that is hard to manage.

Thankfully, polished concrete avoids this problem by providing a stain-resistant barrier that will not only seal the surface from stains but make it strong enough to repel various types of fluids. For example, your sealant will keep water, oil, grease, mold, and other items from penetrating the surface of your concrete and prevents stains from becoming a significant problem that is hard to correct.

Just as importantly, this polished surface is also easier to clean, which will help to make it simpler to remove stains that do develop on your floor. In this way, you shouldn’t have a hard time managing the surface of your concrete, keeping your floors looking great, and avoiding any concerns that could cause degradation of your floors throughout the years.

Brighter Lighting and More Attractive Styles

Concrete floors have a weird tendency to make a facility seem dark because they often absorb much of the light produced by your lamps. As a result, you need to do what you can to enhance the surface brightness of your concrete. Polished concrete can help, here, because it will help to increase the reflective properties of your floor and make it easier to bounce light off of its surface.

As a result, your customers and employees won’t feel like your facility is nearly as dark as they likely felt before you installed this concrete. Just as importantly, this extra light reflection can also enhance other elements of your facility as well. For example, higher lighting can improve the look of your floor while also decreasing your energy bill in a surprisingly efficient and effective way.

This decrease in heating and electricity occurs because the higher lighting helps to make it unnecessary to use brighter lights during the day when the sun is out. And reflected light from the surface of your concrete would also reflect heat up into the air. As a result, your facility will be warmer throughout the colder seasons and will decrease your heating bills by a small, but noticeable, amount.

Improved Slip Resistance

Slippery surfaces are standard on some types of concrete floors, which can be an issue that is hard for some to overcome. Thankfully, you can install this type of concrete in your facility to protect yourself. The extra polish not only improves the appearance and reflective nature of your concrete, but also makes it more resistant to slips and falls. As a result, your facility is much safer.

The slip resistance of this type of concrete floor is so high that it often exceeds the OSHA standards for floor protection. This kind of high-quality protection is rare among such a simple floor sealant method, which makes polished concrete an excellent investment for your facility. You won’t have to worry about your employees slipping and falling or falling victim to this issue yourself as you tour your facility.

Even better, increased slip resistance is an excellent benefit because it can protect you from lawsuits. For example, if a customer slips on your floor and hurts their back, they may want to sue you to get compensation for their injury. With a polished floor, you don’t have to worry about this situation because your floor will be less slippery. This benefit is huge if a lot of customers come through your facility every day.

Let Us Help You Find Great Concrete

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