It may seem unnecessary to learn about how to properly…watch paint dry…but a good paint job can transform the indoor space of your home. Painting can create the atmosphere you desire to have within your home. To make the process of painting go as smoothly as possible, there are steps you can take to help the paint dry more quickly and evenly. 

Keep Air Flow in the Room

This may seem obvious, but having adequate air flow is one of the most important aspects of paint drying. Air circulation helps your paint dry quickly, and helps reduce the risk of the paint job being messed up. If your home has high humidity levels, the paint can take much longer to dry due to the excess moisture in the air. Opening a window or turning on a dehumidifier can help take out that moisture and help the process along. You can also turn on any overhead fans that are in the room. Just make sure there isn’t any dust on your fan that could get into the paint.

Don’t Disturb It

When your paint isn’t yet dry, any disturbances can damage the paint job. Wet paint can be smudged by anything brushing up against it. This is why it’s best to remove any furniture from the room before you paint it, and close the area off so people don’t walk through. If furniture bups the wall, it can transfer the paint to the furniture, and create scuffs and smudges on the wall. People can also walk through and get paint on their clothes or skin. Putting up a wet paint sign can help prevent it from getting messed up. Don’t touch the paint to check if it’s dry as this can also cause problems. There are many visual cues you can check. Dry paint has more of a matte finish than wet paint.

Apply Thin Coats

If you want your paint job to dry quickly and evenly, it’s important to apply even, thin coats of paint. Thinner coats of paint dry more quickly, and also look better upon the wall. Thick coats of paint can drip and clump up, leaving an unappealing finish. Thick paint also takes significantly longer to dry. Thinner coats of paint provide a more finished, even look to the paint job. One, thicker coat provides a less professional look than a few thin coats. If you want your paint job to look professionally done, and let your coats dry quickly, apply a few thin coats instead of one thick coat.

The paint you choose for your home can set the tone for the space. Different paint colors can make a room feel grand, cozy, sophisticated, and more. When painting the interior of your home, make sure you take these considerations into mind to help the space look its best.

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