How to Keep the Floors in Your Home Clean in Iowa | Diamond Painting

With extra people home for extra hours during pandemic, your hardwoods and carpets are getting a beating! Sometimes you walk into a room and there’s a new stain that you not only don’t recognize but have no idea how it got there (or from whom). This means getting it out is a bit of an adventure. There’s got to be an easier way? What can you do to help your floors to be cleaner, and to care for them properly?

Vacuum and Mop Once a Week

In a society where most families do not have anyone to help once a week, but more and more have two income households without a stay at home parent, things like regular chores can be exhausting and fall behind. Aim to vacuum and mop once a week, possibly more often if you have pets. Remember, this doesn’t need to be a “perfect” clean. You’re going to be doing it weekly, so if you miss any dust, you will catch it next time. This frees you to focus on doing that quick once-over so that the mess is held down to a dull roar.

Clean Up Spills Quickly

The longer the stain remains in the carpet, the harder it is to remove. This counts for mystery spills as well. There are multiple charts online for how to get varying spills and materials out of carpeting. This is a great resource for you to use! If, for example, you have a specific brand of crayon, or juice—whatever caused the spill—often the company website will have suggestions as well.

Declutter and Clear Areas

If finding and taking care of your home is overwhelming, remembering to declutter first is important! It’s a lot easier to vacuum and mop weekly if you are sweeping daily, for example, and getting rid of things which are clogging up general family spaces. This can feel laughable if your pandemic projects have multiplied exponentially!  Don’t worry- start small and get rid of things you don’t love.

Your home will feel a lot fresher if you practice cleaning up spills and messes right after they happen, and floors are easier to clean when done quickly as well. Often you don’t need specialty tools, just the knowledge of what will cancel the stain. Get rid of stuff that can cause bumps and spills on the floors, especially, and enjoy your beautiful home!

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