Introduce Striking Colors to Your Living Room in Iowa | Diamond Painting

Unlike years past when beige, camel, and tan were seen as bold choices, modern living rooms have refreshing options for designers to choose! But, if you’ve grown up with plaid furniture and tan walls, thinking towards choosing mod options can be daunting. How can you practice choosing striking colors for your living room, without getting overwhelmed?

Paint an Accent Wall

While you might want a neutral on most walls, choosing a wall (or part of one) as an accent is a lovely design choice which can help bring color and texture into a room. Instead of filling a wall with hot pink, which would have been a novel choice twenty years ago, instead try using a painted texture element on your neutral color. This can include things like drawn or painted mandalas, painting pieces of wood or faux front brick in patterns, or even using a projector to create a modern design on the wall itself which is then painted in. This serves as both the wall and art for the room as well.

Use Furniture Pieces

Furniture is one of the most important design choices you can make for your home. It can be tempting to purchase cheap coordinating pieces which fill a space, but this is a mistake! Instead, save up for quality pieces which suit your aesthetic and ground your room. Think of the ways your family uses the room and what they need. And, remember that it’s important to not fill the entire room with furniture—leave space for people and room to breathe!

Specific Choices

A common complication when designing rooms is to buy a large conglomeration of items which you like from a home décor shop and fill the room with things. Then, in a year or two, you discard all of those things and replace them with a new suite of meaningless items. If your home feels sterile and impersonal, this can be the complication. Using instead original artworks and anchoring pieces which you love, you can have a more focused color and design choice. It would be better to enjoy one hand blown art glass vase than to have fifteen thrown together from plastic rubbish.

Your room, above all, should reflect the things you love and the style you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices and to center your room design around those pieces. Your room will glow!

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