Design Tips for Opening Your Bathroom Up in Iowa | Diamond Painting

If you have a small bathroom and want to give it the illusion of more space, it’s important to think ahead when renovating it. You need to take inventory of what you want to add and how much space each addition would make, as well as research what design choices will make it all possible. With the following tips, you can make your space more efficient while also creating the illusion of more space!

Choosing Your Color Scheme

Whether you’re adding wall color, tiles, accent pieces, or hoping to include extra attention to your shower curtain and cabinetry, color is a very effective way to create space and interest. Porch Daydreamer recommends you look for those colors which will cause the eye to rest peacefully, while also being interested. Some, like seafoam and navy, give you great options of decorative pieces on the wall and coordinating artworks in complementary designs. Even more important, choose bright colors that give the appearance of more space!

Take Advantage of Reflective Surfaces

Maximize your space illusion by adding more glass! According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, frameless shower glass opens up a bathroom quite a lot since it provides no visual obstruction. Replacing your current bathroom mirror with a larger, wider one can also increase the appearance of space. 

Take the time to clean your glass as well. Clean windows give the maximum amount of light, and therefore reduce the crowded look of shadows. If your window is small, installing bright light fixtures, especially above your mirror, can make a huge difference.

Enclose Storage

Storage for bathrooms is always tricky. You want it to fit the space involved, and the things which you need. Being able to store things away, even if that means sweeping them into a drawer when finished, gives you a great option for having less visible clutter. Impressive Interior Design reminds that lessening visible clutter always makes a space appear bigger.

A tiny bathroom can’t be made larger without a ton of remodeling, but the appearance of space can be changed with just a few design tricks. Look for ways to bring in light and reflection, and to use color and texture to enhance the space without too much contrast. Enclose storage whenever possible to reduce clutter. Then, be ready to enjoy your “new” larger room!

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